challenge project

Any challenge project stories?  I'm recycling a machine-knit sweater I found a my local thrift shop. Still in the phase of taking it apart, frogging, scouring and dyeing. Dye so far has been Fennel, Onion and Hibiscus.



[recycling in-progress]

recycling machine-knit wool sweater




My Challenge is a Mystery.           

I am weaving yardage for the challenge which I hope to later turn into a piece for the Convergence Fashion Show.  

I am weaving a mystery story in my yardage; potentially called the Case of the Undulating Twill.    Incorporated into the weaving every four inches is a strip of court reporter erasing tape with lots of letters and words.  The tape represents the words not used in the story - those that are edited out.    

More details and photo here on my blog




SCHG Guild Challenge 2009


The Challenge Parameters: Take something unwanted and give it a second life.  Your UpCycled Creation should be of higher quality and greater value than its previous life and exemplify your creativity and imagination. Of course, we’d like it to be fiber related somehow and preferably with at least a wisp of weaving.   


We’d like you to take a picture of the ‘unwanted’ item so it can be exhibited with your UpCycled Creation at the November Weaving and Fiber Festival.   We will collect pieces at the October SCHG meeting.

We all look forward to seeing your upcycled pieces.