Have just reactivated myself on Weavolution, spotted this (much to my surprise!) and am wondering if anyone is still interested in using this group? Are you still out there? As we try to find a new home, we're also going to try and reanimate the physically meeting group. So this is a "HAIL!" Please send a quick post if you want this reactivated! (Nancy)


Erica J

I'm not in NH, but I would be very interested in discussions in this group and seeing what your members are doing. :)


We are currently in the process of a physical group re-org (have lost our meeting place) so I appreciate hearing about your interest in a forum on Weavolution, even if you're out of area. I'm meeting with our Guild Head tomorrow, who I'm trying to support in the transition, and one of the things we plan to discuss is Weavolution as a possible way to include more people, such as those who miss or can't attend meetings. No promises but I'm lobbying for Weavolution as it's helpfully weave-centric, as opposed to Facebook where our message-traffic gets buried sometimes and has lots of off-putting privacy issues. I hear "I don't do Facebook" a lot and I didn't until I took on trying to keep people connected! This would be a good alternative, I think. So that's where we are! Please check back and welcome to the group!

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