9 days to Halloweave!

I'm starting to count down to Halloweave. I hope some other people will be interested in joining me in exploring and  pushing their boundaries this Halloweave. I have left the "theme" of this house fairly broad, so others can join me and set their own goals. Our house can focus on any exploration you want, do you want to break free of twills, stripes, or maybe you want to try your hand at stripes, join me in exploring!



Hey, Scarey Cats. I dare y'all to join in Halloweave this year. No excuses.

Something is already on my loom...So grab a picture frame and some nails or a piece of card board. Make a simple loom. Weave a mug rug with a pattern you never tried. Try a simple tapestry for the first time during your lunch break.

I am too busy...Got a scarf you wove before October? Two projects on Doctors Frankenstein require you sew a few seams in a scarf. You wizards could do that in one evening.

Oh. Umm. Wait. Never mind. Do not join. (Psst. Erica, do we get to divvy up the great donated prizes , if it just happens nobody plays with us?)


I know right? If we get a few more donations and not many more participants everyone will get a prize! :) I think there are several people who are planning on it, but have been too busy planning/warping to click the join button on their house and post in the pre-event discussions. :)

Group Audience