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Tour of Weavolution


Welcome to Weavolution!


This is the new and improved Weavolution.  We learned a lot from our first website and we moved all the content created there to this new site with improved functionality and usability.  We began work on the first version of Weavolution in September 2008.  As of August 2010, we have over 6000 users, over 100 different groups and thousands of projects posted by our users for all to enjoy. 

Weavolution leverages the Internet to help handweavers connect on a new, global scale. We hope to supplement your local guilds and help you connect with handweavers and resources all over the world.

If there are problems, please report them in the Improving Weavolution forum and be patient while we fix things. This is a Beta site, which means it is actively being developed. You may see things change as you are using them. Look in the Help pages for information on any problems you encounter, answers for your questions and plans for even more Weavolution features.

Exploring the Home page

Look around the Home Page. On the left is a box to Sign In or Create a new account. This box also has a link to request a new password if you’ve forgotten yours. You can view most of the Weavolution site without joining, but you can’t participate or share your projects unless you join. Feel free to explore.

At the top of the home page are our Logo, a Search field and a row of Tabs to click on. These tabs take you to areas allowing you to see all members activity. The top also shows if you’re signed in or allows you to sign out or register (create a new account).

The box in the upper right (which shows after you sign in), includes links that that you to your activity.

The center part of the Home page is divided into sections as follows:

Hot Threads lets you know what people are talking about.

News so that you can learn what is happening at Weavolution.

Followed by Weavers Spotlight, Hot Projects and Latest Drafts to introduce some of our weavers and showcase their projects.

Remember, this page is only showing you a sample of what is happening on Weavolution, so come on in and join us!

Join the Weavolution!

If you haven’t joined the Weavolution yet, sign up for your membership account now. Pick your Username and give us a little information about yourself. After completing the sign up page, you will receive a message at the email address you gave us. After you receive the confirmation email, click on the link in it to complete your registration.

The link will only work once and signs you in to the Weavolution site. Once you’re there, click on “My Profile“ in the orange box, then “Edit,” enter your password and any other profile changes you want to make, and click on the save button at the bottom of the page. After you do this, you can sign into Weavolution.

If you have trouble signing up, please contact us at [email protected] with details.


Now that you’re signed up, you can put in your projects, select Favorite Users and Favorite projects, and follow news about them on our Favorites tab

Click the Projects tab to view a list of projects that have been shared. Select a project and click on it to see its Project Details. On the right is a link about the weaver who did this project.

Just below the tabs are links to help you keep oriented in the site. Click on Projects to return to the Projects page and choose another Project to look at.

Browse the Looms, Yarns, and Drafts pages. These are still in development, so watch these areas and the Help pages for hints and tips for using them. 

The Resources pages will continue to grow too.  Using these pages, you can find teachers, an event calendar and various weaving calculators.

On the People page you can browse to find new people or friends.

Go to the Forum tab to find discussions on general topics. Notice the Weavolution Help Forum, where you can ask questions and look for answers that aren’t covered in the Help pages. (Remember, you must sign in as a member to post here or anywhere else on the Weavolution site.)

Look on the Groups pages to find other weavers with similar interests and challenges.  You can join various special interest groups —regional groups, organized guilds, special weaving topics or anything else. If you don’t find the group you want, create your own!


Use the Search box in the upper right to find anything on Weavolution.  You can limit the search to a particular area such as Groups, Projects, or Users by selecting from the drop down menu to the right of the text input box.  After you’re done setting up the search, hit the enter on your computer or click on the icon to the right of the dropdown box.

Advanced Search and Tags are under construction. Soon you’ll have even more ways of finding what you are looking for.


Check the Shop page for information from businesses catering to weavers. And please patronize our advertisers. They keep Weavolution free to our members

It’s Your Weavolution Too

Once you’ve confirmed your sign-up, go to the My Stuff tab and share your projects and drafts, organize your weaving, and track information in Weavolution.

If you think of something you wish were here, please let us know. This Beta version of Weavolution doesn’t include everything we want yet. We’d love to know what you enjoy about the site and what you think we should change. So, let us know what is important to you.

Have fun! Weave beautiful textiles! And, please, be nice to each other.