Do we need a clock?

This is one for the perhaps list, as its not earth-shatteringly important.........

It would be really nice if on the front page there was a clock with the date and time on it. Now I don't care if its Washington time, New York time or California time, but its just so those of us who live in your immediate future, or immediate past, know when we are most likely to catch up with people.

I see the time that messages have been posted, but  its not really helpful, particularly after midnight when there isn't a clue as to how long ago the message was posted. Its just a thought.............. ;-)!


Posted on Mon, 08/24/2009 - 14:02


I agree with you. It might not be that important, but I share your feeling of being out of step with the huge American crowd, as I live in Europe (Denmark)

Posted on Mon, 08/24/2009 - 19:34

We do already have a feature on the main forums page that shows a relative time... that is, how long ago since the last post.  Unfortunately, this information is not currently directly available to you when you are actually reading a post.

For systems I've used where there are time differences, one possible answer is for Weavolution to have a sense of what time zone you are in.  To a certain extent, that is available with information you may have already provided (your location).

I do think the sense of "time" is better now that the posts are listed in chronological order, but ideally I hope we will eventually be able to incorporate a better answer.

The trick will be... over time, as Weavolution develops (and can pay for such a feature) is to always show message posts relative to YOUR time - whether they are absolute times, or delta times.  That way you will be better able to tell when the post you are reading was created.

I do think it is important for global users of the system to feel comfortable with Weavolution and to feel like they are part of our global handweaving community, so I suspect that as the site increases in popularity, these features will come...

Have a great day,

Posted on Tue, 08/25/2009 - 00:32

Its not the local time bit, we only have to look in our computer task bar for that - its knowing approximately what time it is with other people.  To work out if most members are going to be tucked up in bed, or at work, or if we can expect a lively debate because most of us are up at the same time for once.

Europe and Australia is pretty simple, its 12 hours plus or minus a couple depending on summertime. But its nearly my time now, and I have to presume most of you are tucked up in bed, but  there are still 12 weavers on line, so I would guess they are in the States - it would be nice to know if its late afternoon, mid evening or what - do you get my drift?  If I want to catch a weaver say in California, I'm not going to manage that in the middle of the night, but I have no idea when daytime is, and a clock showing US time from just ONE time zone would help me calculate the time difference. At the moment there are no terms of reference at all to help do this.

The time shown on a posting is only relevant if the message has just been posted.


Posted on Tue, 08/25/2009 - 00:39

Ahh... I get it!  Yes, that does sound like a nice feature... if you frequently do business with, or talk to people in another part of the world, you kind of get a sense of it, but it would be nice to know for sure, without having to guess at it...and most people don't have a reason to know that information.

By the way... I believe you just posted this message, and t's quitting time for me (5:30pm-ish) on the Pacific coast of the USA.  *grin*


Posted on Tue, 08/25/2009 - 00:46

Actually... another thought... until we get something better... 10am your time, 5:30pm US west coast, 8:30pm US east coast...

That means people are up and around (US-side)  from your am until about 3pm your time??  Put a post-it note on your computer. *grin*

Does that help?

Posted on Tue, 08/25/2009 - 19:37

And the time stamp on your comment, Grethe, is 06:29.

The clock on Weavolution uses a 24 hour clock, or as some people in the US refer to it, military time.  It makes some sense.  If we get to the point where we are able to add a "Chat" feature to Weavolution, it would be valuable to have a time feature so people can tell without having to leave our website.  Until then, our priorities are a tab for looms and better yarn pages.  We're keeping it simple for now.

Watch for news of all that is happening behind the scenes.

And, as always, thanks for taking the time to comment and let us know what your ideas are for Weavolution.

Claudia, Weavolution co-founder.