What size Reed?

Hi - Hoping someone can help me with this... 

I have a floor loom that came with a 12 dent reed, but I'm looking to get a slightly longer reed so that I can make a wider rug. I'm fairly new to this, so not too familiar with reeds. Looking to get a 36" - 40" reed, but not sure how many dents I should get. I have 12 already, should I go for 10 dent to get something different? I plan on weaving mostly rugs. Is there a size that works best with rugs? Or will any do, and I can convert from there? 


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Posted on Sat, 10/06/2018 - 22:11

Hi Kimberly - I like an 8 or 6 dent reed for rag rug weaving, I don't care for too much warp with rags. If you are weaving wool yarn, I'm not sure which would be best for that. Happy weaving!

Posted on Tue, 10/09/2018 - 21:31

Hello,  If your loom is 36” wide ( for instance), then you’re able to put a 36” reed on it. You can’t get a longer reed for a loom than it’s macimum weaving width. That said, 36” reeds come in various dent sizes. A 6 or 8 dent per inch means you’re able to thread six ( or eight) ends in each inch of warp. Of course, you can thread 12 ends per inch using a 6 dent reed by sleying 2 ends per dent (6x2=12). Experiencecwill teach you so much!