Western NY Weavers!

Here I am, getting ready for EGLFC, which starts tomorrow at Chautauqua Institution, checking over posts & there's nothing in here but down state!

No offense intended, but we have lots of weaving going on over here.

Any other western NYers lurking here?

My home guild is the Chautauqua Co. Weaver's Guild, meeting every 4th Saturday, March - November, in Westfield, NY.


Posted on Fri, 02/19/2010 - 15:27

Sadly, I don't see much happening on this forum either, even "downstate!"! 

The list moderator needs to get active and suggest up some interesting topics, or you need to encourage folks in your region of the state to post more actively. I travel a lot for work all over the US, and I like to cruise these forums to learn what is going on so maybe I can get a fiber-fix while away from home!

Hope you continue to post of your guild's activites from time-to-time.