Let's do it again next year!

Now that I know my way around Rhinebeck, a little, and I have seen the layout, we'll have a better Meetup site next year.  I like the idea of being in the same place the MAFA group met but feel I would lose some people being inside.

I contacted the organizers as soon as I found out we were going but they had little to offer other than I should apply earlier next year.  So, I'll start soon to be in touch with them and see what we can work out.

We had a great time, met lots of fun people.  Spread the Weavolution, and some new buttons, and enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Rhinebeck 2010 here we come!



Posted on Mon, 11/16/2009 - 20:52



Sorry I missed you all this year. I lost track of where it was supposed to be.

I suggest indoors as a meetup  spot, since you never know about the weather. Warm and dry are good things!