Online Resources for Natural Dyeing

This yahoo group is a good resource, sometimes gets a little tumultuous but you can go search thru the group for background help

This yahoo group is a spin off of the above group, a lot of focus/discussion on environmental concerns

This site always has great info in it

Turkey Red Journal

and of course Ravelry has a couple of active dye groups, lots of resources...



Posted on Wed, 06/15/2011 - 01:53

I am not done with it yet but I wanted to encourage folks to consider buying the Colorways product by Interweave.  Why am I not done?  Because I keep discovering gizmos that show me more detail each time i "page" thru Colorways. Here is the link, it takes you to the mac download section but gives good detail.

The content is fabulous.  Here's a brief listing:

Dye from Insects: Cochineal, Crimson of Kings

Natural Colors of Oaxaca: A Master Weaver Revives a Textile Tradition

Cotton Blossoms with Natural Colors

Michele Wipplinger: Bringing Local Color to the Global Marketplace

Kakishibu: Color Craves Sunshine

Print with Plants: An Excerpt from Eco-Colour

India Inspired in the East Bay: A Verb for Keeping Warm

Fabric of Life: In Mali, Textile Traditions Bring New Beginnings

I really don't think their ad does justice to the content.  I hope there are more indepth emags!  The content itself addresses many regions and dyes.

Interweave describes it as an emag and I find it fascinating.  They have combined regular publication pages with slideshows and videos of the artists talking about their culture, design process and the dye process itself.  It takes awhile (at least it took me awhile) to get a grip on all the ways you can view the content. It is truly a glimpse of the future and how fiber art can be presented well in an electronic package.  You purchase the emag and then you download an adobe add on that drives the emag.  I'm not sure if it works on an ipad or tablet device but it looks worthy of one.  Enjoy!  Deb Mc

Posted on Wed, 06/15/2011 - 03:13

I don't dye but purchased this because it focused on natural dyes and because I was curious about the emag as compared to a digital version of a magazine. I love it, especially the videos and slides that are embedded. I am looking forward to more coming out. I am running mine on a mac and it works well. It is a great format for the creative arts.