Book resources for Natural Dyes

I recently bought a new book to me, Dyes from American Native Plants, Lynne Richards & Ronald J Tyrl, 2005, ISBN 0-88192-668-X. Both are professors at Oklahoma State University (OSU) Lynee Richards is a professor in the College of Human Environmental Sciences at OSU and Ronald Tyrl is a pofessor of botany at OSU and curator of the university's herarium.

They  originally wrote papers based on the Oklahoma Indian and Pioneer Project based on natural dyes used to color clothing and textiles during the territorial period.  They expanded the project to encompass many additional plants native to the south-central portion of the US. They took an approach I have not seen in published books of providing munsell notations within their color charts to show their dye results.  In addition they created an entire chapter dedicated to "materials that produce little or no color" In the back of the book they provide a catalog of native dye plants with photos, similar to a flower/plant field guide with some good photos.  They also give a solid simplified explanation of the chemical reactions within plants.  Not as extensive as Cardon but solid.  

 If you live in the US I do recommend adding this book to your library as it has some basics on "how to dye" but mostly for the extensive catalog on dyeplants and color charts.  regards  Deb Mc




Posted on Tue, 09/06/2011 - 16:19

Recommended first dyebooks for starting your first dyepot..

Rita Buchanan's Dyer's Garden

Jenny Dean's Wild Color

Both books cover different subjects very very well and are valuable resources, there are many others that you can get from library loan but I think these two are the best comtemporary resources for a beginner.  Enjoy!  Deb Mc