misaligned sectional hoops - is it a problem? what to do?

Hey everyone,

I have a 24-shaft, 24" AVL Workshop Dobby Loom.  I was having problems with sectional warping, which I attributed to my inexperience, but recently I noticed that one set of sectional hoops is misaligned from the others by about 3/32 of an inch.

Could this be what is causing my problems?  3/32" is not much, but the sections are 1" wide.  I found that it was difficult to wind on with an even yarn package - the yarn kept "wobbling" between the sectional dividers.  But again, I'm not sure whether that was me or the loom.

I use an AVL warping wheel to wind my sections, if it matters.

If it is what's causing my problems, what's the best way to fix it?  I'd fill the mounting holes with putty and try redrilling, but in my experience putty is softer than wood and so tends to "pull" the drill towards it, so it would really just redrill the previous hole, I think.

I am reluctant to order a new part from AVL as I made some modifications to the warp  beam (nothign that would disturb the alignment though) and would have to redo it all over again.

So my two questions are:

(1) is this the likely cause of my sectional warping woes?

(2) What can I do to fix it?

Thanks for any input you can give -



Posted on Tue, 08/18/2009 - 02:36

I am not sure if this will help you but Sandra Rude has a note on her blog for Tuesday, June 23 that may solve your problem.  She built a bridge using plastic tubing across the hoops and it prevents the thread from creeping into adjacent sections.  I found the tubing at my local True Value hardware store--the tubing is not round but 'flattened--and it solved my probllem.

Posted on Tue, 08/18/2009 - 13:42

Thanks!  By a curious coincidence, I was talking to Sandra Rude at the American Craft Council show on Saturday and she told me about the same thing.  However, her husband Mike offered to help me fix my warp beam instead...so I am heading off to their place today to get it fixed!

I think I will get the tubing in any case, however - stopping those thread "migrations" would sure make my life easier!