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Fly Shuttle Beater

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I am hoping to build my own fly shuttle beater. Has anyone done that? Any thoughts? Might there be planss out there some where?



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Fly shuttle

I haven't seen any plans per se, but here's an interesting quick video. You can see the attachment point and the 'method' used to drive the shuttles. Ingenious!

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Yes I have, but I want to

Yes I have, but I want to fine tune a couple things.

Ed Worst's book "Foot Powered Loom Weaving" @ archive.org has plans for a fly shuttle.

Here is a video of me testing mine on a warp. It is heavy wool and the weaving is not quite as fluid because of the heavy wool used. I have since decided not to use a stop strap, the forces just break them no matter if leather or nylon. But instead use just a bumper as most do these days. It will be a while before I get back to my design as I am in transition here between selling a house and building a new place and new shop.


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