Issues - Please help!

My friend has purchased a 24'' leclerc loom about a year ago and we are having troubles with ti. Once the loom is all set up, for some reason when we crank the front to put tension on the warp, the back beam starts rolling as if we are advancing forward. I have checked over and over to make sure that the break pedal is not being released and it is not. When I go to the back of the loom to check whats happening, I noticed that the cable around the break system starts overlapping and shifting. I have a video and photos but am unsure how to upload them on this website. If someone could please provide some kind of feedback that would be so appreciated.


Posted on Thu, 04/13/2017 - 23:27

The first time I warped my Dorothy I wound on counter clockwise- took me forever to figure out I had to unwind and rewind!