Loom Identification -- Glimakra?

Hello, I have a question regarding a loom that is for sale at the link (below) -- can it be a Glimakra (perhaps Bohus)? Anyone have an idea if this loom is indeed a Glimakra? If so, is it worth about $150? Thanks for any light you can help to shed on this mystery :)




Posted on Mon, 02/24/2014 - 01:41

This may be an older Glimakra table loom, as the warp and cloth beam handles look like old Glimakra handles.  However, I have not seen this loom in any of the old catalogs.  This is a typical loom designed for use in retirement communities, as the large handle is very easy to use. 

This table looms has two shafts.



Posted on Tue, 02/25/2014 - 00:42

Thanks so much for your quick response, Joanne :) I found out today that this is, in fact, a Glimakra loom, but the seller didn't have any other details (no user's manual, etc). It was sold earlier today (the auction had a "buy now" option, which somebody took advantage of, quicker than I did). That's ok though. When you mentioned that it only had 2 shafts, I thought it'd be better to wait for a loom that had (at least) 4 shafts. I'm new to weaving as it is and should perhaps gain a little more experience with the rigid heddle looms I have (one being a Glimakra Susanna, 80 cm). Thanks again :)