hi folks just wished to say hello from fife in scotland. ive a standard and ive been weaving on a dobby for some years and just bought the standard to fit in my "studio" aka shed! if anyone has any tips or just wants to chatt id be pleased to talk with like minded folk ttfn jan


Posted on Thu, 07/04/2013 - 10:58

Hi Jan,

My name is Belinda and I live in Australia. I am relatively new to weaving, and my very first floor loom was a Glimakra 8 shaft/10 treadle.

It now stands proudly beside my Toika computerised loom, with an 8 shaft Ashford Table loom to the other side.

There are very few weavers in my local area, so most of my "weaving friends" are via the internet.  I love chatting about weaving, so if you would like to chat just drop me a line.

Happy Weaving


Posted on Thu, 07/04/2013 - 13:37

I look forward to Glimakra discussions and questions.  We at Glimakra USA can help weavers with their Glimakra looms.

If anyone wants to ask us a question, just contact us via Weavolution or [email protected]

Sometimes I get too busy to check back frequently, so just contact me when you want me to comment on something.