Countermarch Tie Up Help

I am trying to tie on my first project to my Ideal after adding an additional 4 shafts. I have been working on this for months. Using Joanne's book and looking at page 25 I have a question. Some of my shafts don't move at all. Using Shaft 1 as an example, if it doesn't move and it should be moving up, does that mean I need to shorten the cord to the long lamms?

Also, the cords for tying up the new Jacks are longer than the cords that came with the loom, it has had previous owners. Do I shorten the new cords to equal the old ones or replace the old ones?



Posted on Tue, 07/30/2013 - 00:16

The first thing to check on a countermarche tieup when a shaft does not move is to look for crossed cords. It may be one supporting the shaft from the castle, it could be one of the cords to the lams. It, for instance, one cord should be on lam #1 and it is attached by mistake to lam #2, there will be a lack of movement from this error. Rule out this possibility before adjusting any cord lengths.

Posted on Thu, 08/01/2013 - 18:00

Thanks Sara. No crossed cords but I did shorten the lower lamms and I finally got a shed. Hopefully just a little more adjusting and I can finally weave.