Big feet

Not sure how active this site is but if anyone is out there I need some hints. I just bought a new Standard 120cm 10/10 Ver. I have it all set up and have woven my first warp. Everything went OK making minor adjustments and generaly getting the feal of the loom. It is a little different from my Macomber. One thing is the switch from metal heddels to Texsolv heddles, but in time I guess I will learn to thread them with a little speed. Another thing I have to get used to and get the proper sequence for is the warp take up. You have to get up release the back ratchet and then ratchet the front. I haven't figured how lose the warp should get before you tighten the front. But the biggest problem I find I'm having is my feet are big and trredles are narrow. Does anyone have any ideas I could try. I was thinking pointed toe clips. Don


Posted on Mon, 06/08/2015 - 01:53

The treadles on CM looms are mounted to swing to accommodate the whole foot. You do not place your whole foot on the treadle as you do with front hinged on the Macomber. Instead, you use only the toes or the ball of the foot - at the tip of the treadle. Weave in soft sole mocs, thick socks, etc. to make your feet somewhat narrower - and usually within a week you'll be working the treadles just fine.

Posted on Mon, 06/08/2015 - 02:41

Thanks I will try that. I noticed that they moved some but I could not get my feet to rock from one treadle to the other without looking down to see if I was only on one treadle. The Macomber is back hinged but with ample space for my feet.