UKI/Supreme cotton sales

Got this email from UKI/Supreme yesterday:
 Hello Michael,
Due to problems with bad color matching, and increasing prices for both cotton and dying we have decided to make a change in our business model.
We are no longer taking orders where each color is under 20lbs. Please try placing your order with our distributor Yarn Barn (or increasing order quantity to meet the MOQ).. We have enjoyed doing business with you!
Thank you!

Just got a call from Walter Turpening (the loom bench maker) trying to see if I can get him some 8/2 Orange cotton from UKI. He was told that he would have to order 20 pound of each color.

 From his face book page:

 I will be ordering yarn from Halcyon for making the braided cord. So go to their website to see the color options for their Homestead 8/2 cottons.

After 14+ years, I just got the word from UKI that I have to order 20# or more per color! Multiple colors to get more than 20# doesn't count.

I guess we will see what come of this new development


[email protected] 828-322-6975


If you want to load up his email box


Posted on Thu, 04/13/2017 - 21:47

Do you think that there won't be much future for this thread for handweavers?
I remember a time not too long ago when it was a very long wait to get colors.

Posted on Fri, 04/14/2017 - 12:01

I have heard from a number of people that order direct from them and this is affecting everyone. Cheryl thinks is has come about from pressure from the "big" companies like Webbs and Yarn Barn. I am guessing they will now raise their prices. It is still a problem with some colors. Walter was trying to get 8/2 orange and not even Yarn Barn has had any since the first of the year.

Posted on Sat, 04/22/2017 - 10:50

Maurice Brassard carries perle cotton in a few weights but only 21 colors, so I'm sure it is not from UKI. I know Camilla Valley Farms has carried UKI and they stock all the colors, but they are pricey compared to Brassard's perle cotton. Twice as much for 20/2 color/black for instance.

Camilla Valley carries two shades of orange, but don't stock  8/2 and Brassard's don't stock orange.

Posted on Wed, 04/26/2017 - 01:12

Well, It is time for us, at least those of us who can not order 20 cones of 1!! color at a time to boycott UKI and Halcyon and Yarn Barn. My local suppliers can not purchase and store 20+ cones of colors their customers want. I try to patronize local suppliers as the number of places teaching weaving in my area are limited. I think it is important to support are local brick and mortars, when possible.

Posted on Wed, 04/26/2017 - 14:05

In addition to YarnBarn, Weavers Loft appears to have 8/2 unmercerized orange in stock. I think it is UKI, but they don't name the manufacturer.

Village Spinning and Weaving doesn't stock the unmerc. All their UKI supreme mercerized cotton is on clearance, so I guess they are getting out.

Alene, I applaud your thoughtful support for small and local suppliers, though I doubt you really intend to spark a boycott of Yarn Barn or Halcyon. These larger operations can provide valuable service by ordering in quantity to meet manufacturers minimum orders, then re-packaging and selling smaller quantities on demand. The large retailers also support smaller manufacturers by stocking and marketing their products. Many of us may never have experienced weaving with foxfibre or zephyr if these retailers did not make purchasing small quantities of multiple colors an option.

Posted on Wed, 04/26/2017 - 17:19

No I didn't mean to spark a boycott of anyone. I just want people to explore their local resources. Similar to the philosophy. I encourage people to see what is available close to them rather than just depending on the big suppliers.