12/2 Supima cotton

12/2 Supima cotton color inventory


Black lots of black

Dk Blue 0

Lt. Blue 31 cones

Red 30 cones

Green 37 cones

Gray 10 cones

Yellow 38 cones

Natural no stock


The cones are $19 each for a one pound cone. Buy a color and get a black at half price. The black cones are around 1 pound 4 oz at $19 lb.


I will not be restocking the 12/2 Supima. I have 28 colors, plus bleached, natural,  waxed and no waxed on a 1 pound cone currently being dyed. The natural is $12 pound. Once I know all of the shipping costs I will set a price for the 10/2 RS CP GA dyed cotton.





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