Episode 33

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Finished objects

Michelle has been sewing up a storm. She was making reusable tissues and holders.

The tissue holders have a snap pocket on the back for dirty tissues

Michelle crocheted some fish. They turned out quite cute!


Erica wove 9 meters of cloth since the last episode! She used 3 different weft colors, below shows the warp woven with grey and a light purple weft, these have both been given as gifts to their intended recipients! 

Erica also finished weaving the cotton cloth for her underdress and has started cutting the cloth and sewing the dress together.


Erica has done a lot of weaving she finished weavint the damask trim for her husband's 10th Anniversary present!

Works in Progress

Michelle started crocheting a bat. Here is the head with the ears held behind it.

She continues to work on (and off) Appa



Erica is getting back to her spinning for samples project. She is spinning both S spun, Z plied yarn and Z spun and S plied yarns to weave in various combinations to see if there is a visible and tangible effect on the final cloth. She normally spins S and plies Z. She has finished the Z spinning and is very glad she has it felt very funky spinning the "wrong" direction for her. :)