More video clips

I've just added another video clip to my blog, this one showing how I treadle the Fanny loom.



who may, or may not, add this one to my website, too.  The beaming video clip is now available for viewing on my website

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Posted on Fri, 10/02/2009 - 10:23

Laura, your  videos are very interesting to study - thank you, and keep them coming!

But. My big old loom has rear-hinged treadles. Several times I have tried to "walk the treadles", but I don't feel comfortable at all. Regardless of what type of bench I use, I feel "unstable" unless I have one foot on the floor. Or, perhaps not unbalanced, but the fact that I have to hold the un-active foot in the air - .

So, what I do is use first one foot, then the other. If weaving blocks, I use one foot for one block. If using (as I do now) 12 treadles in straight order, I go 1-6 with one foot, 7-12 with the other. If I have only few tradles, I use one foot or a while, then switch to the other.

What you do, you who have rear-hinged treadles?

Posted on Fri, 10/02/2009 - 16:09

 Same thing - 1 to the halfway point with one foot and the rest with the other. If there is room for extra tabby treadles, they are on the outside.

I have old German drafting books and their suggestions for "walking" include alternating feet from outside to the middle, alternating feet from the middle out, and going left to right switching feet in the middle.

As long as you don't put all the workload on just one leg, whatever is comfy becomes habit.