Glimakra's Julia loom, weaving rugs

I got a request for a comment on weaving rugs on the Julia loom.  So, this is how I can answer that question.  Maybe this weaver can respond with more information about the request.  I have woven a rug on the Julia loom and I have heard from others who have also done so.  This was before the Julia's new heavier beater, so it may be even easier to weave rugs on the new Julia loom.  If someone has the older Julia loom, you can order the new beater, rubber feet and the new foot rest. 

Of course, you will get a tighter weave if you weave your rug on the Standard loom, but Julia is simply a very small version of the Standard loom.  Here are some things that you should remember when weaving rugs on any loom.

1.  A sett which is nearly weft faced (like 6 or 8 warps per inch) will be easier to beat tightly than a rug with more than 8 warp ends per inch.

2.  Use a temple to get a tighter weave and a better result.

3.  Use a Swedish ski shuttle, as it is not as tall as other ski shuttles.

4.  Tighten the warp, but don't tighten it as tight as the loom's capability.  It is easier to open the shed if the warp is not too tight.