CW Study Groups

Complex Weavers Study groups come in many formats and personalities as well as many topics and levels. Membership in the groups is limited to CW members.  There is a long list of current CW Study Groups here:

Which do you belong to? 

What new groups would you like to see? Remember that any member of CW can start a study group.

Laurie Autio (coordinator of CW study groups 1999-2002)


Posted on Mon, 08/29/2011 - 21:38

HI Laurie....hope you came through the hurricane unscathed.

I belong to the CW Tied Weave study group (I am the coordinator of this group)

If I had more time I would rejoin the Fine Threads Study group and a clothing group.

I just want to say the CW study groups are amazing! So much to share and learn and a place to really grow in your depth of weaving knowledge!

Su :-)