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How to read a draft in a powerpoint program

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Hello all;I am in a desperate situation. I am the program director for my weaving group and I have to do a short 1/2 -1 hr program on reading weaving drafts.  I would like to look like I know what I am talking about so would like to know if there is a powerpoint program that I could get asap for this short program.  I have books but dont have a clue how to do a Powerpoint as it has been years since I have built one. Any help would be so appreciated.  

Thanks for any help out there.  Hugs to all. Diane

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Screen shots can be inserted

Screen shots can be inserted onto power point slides. Many blogs and you tube videos can help you organize what you want to share in PowerPoint.  Google images is a quick way of finding still images.  The link below would lend its of to screen shot in sections onto several slides.  

You can also shoot your own photos from your books and insert into PowerPoint slides.



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powerpoint rabbit hole

You are wise to not want to first do a total powerpoint refresh. Its an application suffering from bloat - too many specialized functions that essentially hide the basic functions.

I echo Francine's suggestions. You can also write out on paper what you'd like to include, take a digital image (cell phone being easiest), and just put it into powerpoint. If you are on a mac, the mac-specific application called keynote is, in my opinion, a bit more intuitive than powerpoint.

Alternatively, you could teach with only minimal powerpoint. In education, the big focus today is active learning - this means you have students actually doing what they are trying to learn. Teaching how to read a draft might be perfect for active learning. You could print out drafts that do not include the draw-down, photocopy them, and hand them out to your guild members. You could start with plain weave, and have your audience do the draw down. You could build from there with totally blank weaving drafts, and have them draw in a twill, with the threading, tie up options, and draw downs. One of the keys to active learning is to also have the students work together in small groups - peer-to-peer learning is part of why active learning can be so successrul. This strategy could essentially eliminate the need for powerpoint, or a detailed powerpoint, and result in much more learning by your guild members.

This will be fun for you - good luck and let us know what you decided to do, and how it went.

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If your question was actually...

May have not been what you asked, but I read your note as you do not have "Powerpoint" on your PC/Mac and were asking is there something I can get like that on short notice.  If so, then search for "Apache OpenOffice".  Versions are available for MAC and PC.  It is free and includes a "Powerpoint-like" program.  If you take photos and plan to insert, before you do, try and open in a program like "Microsoft Office Picture Manager", or a MAC equivalent that will allow you to "compress" the picture.  Then save and insert into the program.  This just makes things load a lot faster.

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Use any program - a word

Use any program - a word processor, MS Publisher or similar that will accept full page graphics, photos, text displays, etc. Format your presentation and save a PDF. Most better software now has a PDF save feature that turns your presentation into something that will project as a slideshow.

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