1" vs. 2" sections for sectional warping?

I have an AVL warping wheel which I use for sectionally warping my AVL Workshop Dobby Loom.  I use the crossmaker since I typically work with fine threads, and as I was tying off the umpteenth cross this morning it occurred to me that I would only have to fiddle with half the number of cross ties if I warped in 2" rather than 1" sections.  Since I have the warping wheel, the number of spools is not an issue.  I suppose I could even wind in 3" or 4" sections if the comb would accommodate them!

Is there any intrinsic benefit to narrow sections (1" vs. 2" or even wider), if you are not using a spool rack and spools?


Posted on Tue, 12/14/2010 - 09:40

first of all: I have only seen the warping wheel in pictures, so I don't really know how it works.

But I'm thinking - couldn't you wind 2" (or 3 or...) and wind two (or three) sections at a time? Put some kind of divider (like taping a chopstick to the comb?) to know where the sectional divider should go?

Myself, sometimes I wind more that 1" worth and leave empty sections in between - have not had problems (so far). But: I've only done this with short warps (under 15 meters). (Picture here.)