Hello Everyone,

I am attempting to set up a discussion thread for folks to post messaging. I have to admit this site is a little confusing.

I am still looking to ID my Union Loom. It appears to pre-date everything I can find online because of the some of the pieces that are not included on my loom. As I start to reassemble the Loom later this summer, I will post pictures of what I am talking about. Until then, we can discuss my loom or your loom or what ever loom you choose. Please enjoy!

If you want to follow along what I am doing on this Loom, please follow the Link to YouTube to my channel at Northern Gardens. I am slowly getting this project completed!



Erica J

You have successfully started a post! I can not help you identify the loom, but hopefully others in the group can!

Good luck,


northern gardens

So I finally finished restoring the Union Loom. Please feel free to check it out. I'm sorry I don't have much to go on to identify it, but maybe over time someone will come across it and be able to help. Thanks for looking!



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