Replacing the Cords/Ropes on Older Kessenich Floor Loom

I tried finding a place to put this information but do not see a group for Kessenich looms. I have an older/1950's cherry Kessenich 36" floor loom and for the second time needed to replace the internal cords that wrap around the pipes and the pulleys. I redid the cords about 10-12 years ago, I've had the loom since 1978, but the cord stretched and became soft. I used what was recommended at the time, #2 Samson venetion blind cord.  Since my shafts had become uneven I decided to go through the process one more time. Needless to say I dreaded what was ahead of me.  I was surprised to find little information regarding this problem on the web. Hence I am posting information on here to help the next person struggling with with very difficult job.  I will post the 5 pages of information I recently put together. I made a PDF file but can't post it here. Try this  It can be found on my blog,  It's free and if you comments to add to improve it, let me know. Leslie Zantow