Newbie with a Brio

Hi all!

I have Brio Loom that I am probably going to warp to make a scarf this weekend.  I have a scarf for my daughter on the rigid heddle and I am making three scarfs for the neices and nephews on the floor loom, so I thought, what the heck, let's give this little darling a try.

Any thoughts or suggestions for success on this tiny loom?

Thanks all

Marietta in MO



Brio's are super fun little looms! They are tiny things, without much of a shed, but that is navigable. The only potential issue I can think of off my head is that sometimes the lever doesn't like to stay where you put it. But that might just the one I have used. We use one every year as part of our guild's demonstration booth at our county fair.Have fun!


i have been weaving on my Navajo-ish looms for over a year... was just gifted a brio and actually got it warped and made a scarf.... what fun!


i was given one but cant figure out how to use it. the instructions 

are not very good. i am very new to weaving


search    how to warp a rigid heddle loom       on youtube


I picked up a Brio at a 2ndhand store, but it's missing the heddle. I've seen 2 types on internet photos, one that looks like red plastic, and something that looks like strings coming down. As you can tell, I'm a newbie! Does anyne have close up pictures or instructions that will help me ? Thanks!

I had no idea what a Brio loom was so I googled it and noticed you can get the pdf Brio instructions.