I just wanted to start a morning check in topic for anyone who likes to pop on Weavolution while having their morning coffee, or as part of their morning routine! We can chat about whatever is on our minds and our looms as we start our day!

Happy weaving!



I'm game, but it depends on what time your morning coffee is.  Retired, I don't get up early unless I really, really have to.


That's the great thing about having it here, it doesn't matter what time we each do morning coffee, we can just check in here over our morning coffee and chat about what's on our looms or minds!

This week I have started teaching a student at my school how to weave. Is there anything like teaching a new weaver and seeing the amazement and joy on their face!!! Love it!


I tend to make the weekends mostly family time, but balance with studio time! If you know me, you know I usually have a LOT of projects on the go at once. My main weaving projects are: damask trim, a plain weave linen for finishing the hem of a historical recreation garment, and a narrow warp of mostly handspun yarn, purpose yet to be determined!

The handspun yarn I decided to weave as 1/3 twill, but the "right side" will be the 3/1 side. :)

Erica J

Good Morning, today I'm going to spend some time weaving on my 3/1 handspun twill. It's been a pretty lazy week, so I'm ready to get some stuff done! :)


Hi there!  I just joined this site today, and have been exploring groups, numerous postings, etc.    When a member post includes photos, they are not showing for me, I see either an empty box where the photo should be, or just the photo title.

Is anyone else experiencing this?  Is there some setting I'm missing?

Thanks for any responses, looking forward to learning from you all.  I just started weaving a couple months ago, having a blast with the learning curve and experiments with techniques and colors.


One more thing - when I posted my question, I see that it's loaded with html text/commands - whatsupwiththat?



Welcome to Weavolution!

Photos are generally only missing on very old posts. If you find a post that is missing photos that would be useful for you, please let me know and I'll see if I can restore the photos.

To prevent the extra html stuff, choose filtered html as the Text Format. I know it's a bit of a phaff, but brand new members are temporarily set to that in case a spambot does get on the site. :)


I also joined today, thinking the loom pics might show if I joined. They are all blank. 


Hi there!

 I'm looking for a place to ask questions and get some recommendations.  I started weaving at a young age with Marie Walling and have a beautiful 46" Walling loom.  I'm getting back into weaving after a 35 year hiatus.  :D  I'd like to weave some upholstery fabric for two chairs but not sure where to start.  Firm twist, of course but best fiber choice?  Cotton/linen?  Would this sag too much?  I'd love to hear your thoughts on my project.  Thanks!




Ohh this sounds like a fantastic project! I would recommend creating a new discussion topic, you can post it here in our Jones House group. We made House Groups so brand new people have a place they could start posting right away! I hope this helps.


I'm hoping to work on a set of placemats.  I have been down with a nasty reaction to the second Covid vaccination for several days, this is the first sort of normal day.  These are 8/4 cotton in a braided twill in orange and yellow.  They go with a large table cloth, already delivered to the customer.


Good Morning, I just joined. I have a lil 10" Ashford Sampleit Loom. Learning to weave... 


This is beautiful!!! I hope you've added it as a project! 

Happy weaving!



There are previous posts, from Reed Guy, who built and upholstered a Regency style chair, and I believe he used fine wool to make his fabric.  I have used pearl cotton in a  rep material as upholstery fabric, and found it to very long wearing.  I used 5/2.


Thanks so much for your reply!  Do you remember the sett you used for the 5/2 cotton?  I want to do a shadow weave and the longest float is two threads. I'll probably have to sample to get the sett that'll give me a firm fabric without being too stiff.  Your thoughts?


Rep is a very close sett, warp faced weave, so the sett I used wouln't work for shadow weave.

Erica J

Yes, shadow weave is a colour and weave effect therefore you need close to a balanced cloth, but for upholstry you do want a warp or weft faced cloth in order for the cloth to have a long life and wear well.


Good morning! I'm so glad this thread is taking off! I'm enjoying a nice dark coffee with coconut milk and agave this morning. :) I've been spending a lot of time in my studio, especially the sunroom extension that Oli built for me last year!

'll be updating my project page later today. I managed to weave off the last of 8 meters of linen!! I timed myself toward the end and was weaving 12" in 15 minutes. It's just plain weave, but I was very happy with myself!

I'll be putting on a handspun warp next and focus on weaving the silk damask on my drawloom. 


Good Morning,

I'm here with my second cup of coffee. I had my first, which gave me the energy to wind some cotton onto a spool so I could wind 2 at a time for my cotton underdress warp. I've been warping with only one yarn at a time and realized yesterday that was crazy talk!

I have mostly been warping up handspun, which I do warp one yarn at a time, so when I started this I didn't even think about it. However, a 7 meter long warp that has 32 epi will take a long time to warp just using one yarn at a time. Now that I'm working at "warp speed" I think I'll be able to finish winding the warp today! I can't wait to get the warp on the back beam, that is one of my all-time favorite sights! :)

Erica J

Good Morning, I'm just finishing up my morning coffee.

The trees and wildlife are definintely exhibiting spring like behavior. I'm kinda waiting for the weather and hte termparture to catch up to spring, LOL! The trees at my work are beautful and my views in the library look out onto our most stunning trees on campus! :)

I've got several projects going, as usual. This morning, I'm daydreaming about the hand spun samples I have planned!

I'm going to spin both S spun and Z spun yarns to sample with. I'm going to sample every combination, S/Z as warp and weft, Z/S as warp and weft, Each in the warp with the other as the weft, and using them both together! This will be my next deep dive weaving study. Right now I'm at the stage of spinning the singles! Wish me luck!

Erica J

Good morning! I've brewed, but no yet started drinking my coffee this morning! I'm really amped for my weekend plans. I have several projects on the go and I'm really excited to spend some quality time in my studio moving them all along!

I'm weaving along on the damask trim.

Spinning my S singles for the S/Z yarn for weaving samples.

Helping my son warp his Florida Gulf Coast Native scarf for Shave 'Em to Save 'Em, this will be his first stamp in his passport!


Hi, I'm new to Weavolution, but not new to weaving. I have a warp on the loom for DDW tea towels. I cut off four towels, so I could finish them and hand them in (for a Guild challenge). Today I hope to tie back on and weave off the last two tea towels - although they will be tied-up/treadled as Bronson lace.

Erica J


Welcome! I look forward to seeing your towels. I hope you add them to your projects! If you have any questions about using Weavolution, let us know!

I have woven so mich, but still have not woven any towels. Towels are on my list though!

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