Help??...No shed on "down" position...

Hi All,

I'm setting up my Schact 10"  Cricket loom.  I have experience weaving on a larger Kromski Rigid Heddle, but I'm stumped here.  I followed the direct warping instructions that came with the loom, and thought I was all ready to go.  But low and behold, in the "down" position I have no shed!  Anyone know what I did wrong?  How to fix?  

Many thanks!



On most rigid heddle looms, you tie-on and tension with the heddle in the upper position so that the hole threads have the slightly extra length needed to create a shed in either the "up" or "down" position.  I know in the Kromski Harp directions, they don't mention this, but do show it in the photos.


The position of the heddle when tying on will depend a bit on your loom. On the older models from the 70's you put the heddle in up position.

On the Ashford looms that I sell, the directions are for tying on in the "neutral" position. I don't have a cricket in front of me, but you might try tying on anew, this time putting the heddle in the slot for neutral. If this is the intended warping method, as with the Ashford models, the heddle block is made such that if you tie it on in the up position, there is too much slack and the threads don't go below the warp level in the down position.


Might sound like a stupid question, but are you sure you're in the full down position (toward you) and not in the "park" position (away from you)?  Do you have enough tension on the warp?  Look at google images of cricket looms and compare your warp to those in the pictures.  Does it look the same?