Super frustrated new weaver here! Hoping someone with more expertise can help me out. I am doing a plain weave project on a 15in Cricket loom with a 12 dent reed. I'm about 8 inches into my project and I've noticed that my left side is about a half centimeter taller than the right. My attempts to fix it have resulted in a wavy uneven mess on the right side. Thoughts on what I might be doing wrong? And is there any way to adjust when I'm this far into to project?

One mistake I already noticed is that I warped the loom one slat off center. Not sure if that could be pulling the left side up, or if it's more likely how I'm beating. The warp tension feels even when I pat it. 



Ive also been having this problem. My tension was consistent when I tied on after warping.  When beating Im trying to be careful about pulling the heddle evenly across. And yet, my left side is usually slightly higher than my right. I seem to have this problem more often with wider pieces on my 20” Knitters Loom than on my 10” SampleIt. Id love to hear some thoughts on why this is happening. 

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