Hello. I could use any help or info about this Binder loom. It was graciously gifted to me 6 years ago. I do not know how to use it. First I need to understand the mechanics of it and then I need help warping it...I haven't been able to find any videos on how to warp it. There doesn't seem to be much info on the internet about Binder looms. Anyone have any helpful info, please?

Thank you.



I have a binder loom.  I blogged about restoring it here https://wordpress.com/view/maplewoodshandweaving.com.  Feel free to PM me or contact me through the blog and I'd be glad to help if I can.



Many people who start to weave with an older loom often start by looking for a manual of some sort to tell them how to warp it and use it.  Most looms only came with instructions on how to assemble it.  Unless the loom has specific and unusual features, like a dobby loom, they work pretty much the same way.  Warp goes on the warp beam, through the heddles and reed, and is tied on the front beam.  The general thought is that expecting to learn how to warp and weave from a loom manual would be like expecting your car's manual to teach you how to drive.   A good basic weaving instruction book can give you information on warping, and there are lots of videos and DVDs available on warping.  You're not going to find one specific to a Binder loom, but based on the pictures I have seen, there isn't anything different about Binder looms that would warrant special instruction.

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