Another doodle:

This time I just took the middle part, and made a double weave from it. It will (or could possibly come to be ;-) a variation of my "money-shawls", but with a bit more complex pattern.

If I'm going to weave this, I'll have to make all the narrow pockets wider, and think about colours. The coin-shawls are all the same colour (well - warped with a coiple of nuances), and the idea requires it to be a one-shuttle weave. It could still be a one-colour weave, but with some kind of colour would emphasize the pattern better. Or - I have everal cones of coordinated bourrette sild and thin wool... again the question will be which of them to use for the one weft. (The actual colours in the picture below are there *only* to make the structure(s) "readable" - the easiest way that I have found to be able to see clearly what happens in a double weave with interchanging layers)

The sett would be what is appropriate for plain weave (there are lots of plain weave areas). This will make the pockets "see-through", and will let the sparkle be visible. I put some "sparkle" in (on) some pockets, to show you what I mean.

On my website, I have a couple of articles on how to construct double layers - for instance here. I admit it is easier with the help of weaving software...