Louet Klik 40 11 shafts (SOLD)


Yes, it has 11 shafts. I believe it had 12 shafts at one point but someone along the way mixed up the left side of shaft 6 with the right side of shaft 9 and then misplaced the remaining shaft pieces. Holds up to 16 shafts, you can get shaft kits from the Woolery.

Weaving weight is 40 cm, or 15.75 inches. Comes with the standard 10 dent reed and a bonus 20 dent reed. I know what you are thinking, 20 dent??? That's crazy pants and awesome! Trust me, I am almost loath to turn that one loose.

Also comes with 7 warp packing sticks, lease sucks, a stick shuttle, and a copy of the manual.

I'm including shipping to the contiguous US in this listing. Prefer payment by paypal.

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