Bobbin Fail in Minneapolis

             I was overjoyed to attend the Helena Hernmarck workshop held at the Swedish American July.  A new tapestry weaver, I was intimidated to be in the class.  We were weaving with a100% linen warp and loom controlled wool weft, and linen weft.  I haven't woven with linen before, but I when I hae questioned weaving friends about linen the response has been less than enthusiastic.  I was very careful when I wound my bobbin, See how evenly it is wound?  See how it doesnt fit in my shuttle? Fail.


Posted on Thu, 08/23/2012 - 18:52

My bobbin fail is actually about prins. I tend to overwind them. And then they don't fit in the EFS (end feed shuttle), and if I jam them into the slot, they don't feed correctly for a few passes. The weft jerks at the selvedge when they get caught, which defeats the purpose of using an EFS for flawless selvedges! Doh.

How many dope-slaps to the forehead does it take before I figure this one out?