Workshop Fail- Multiple Fails

Workshops are an ideal opportunity  for multiple Fails and public humiliation.  My first in the series  was a bobbin winding Fail.  Because I was traveling from NYC to the depths of New Jersey, on New Jersey Transit rail road, I do my best to pare down the weight of my equipment and supplies.  I will have to carry them and my 8 harness loom.   I thought it economical to wind bobbins at home, leaving my heavy cones of yarn behind.  Lacking enough bobbins, I used platic straws.  The straws work well as long as you do not wind too close to the end of the straw, and you wind properly.  Careful as I was, my yarn slipped off the straw and got twangled around the stem of the boat shuttle-hence Bobbin Fail

bobbin fail


Posted on Mon, 10/25/2010 - 22:13

I'm a cryin' with you. I think the more workshops you take, the better idea you'll get of what is essential, no matter what the weight. One idea, mail a box of stuff to someone who will be attending, then mail it home.

I actually use paper quills cut from brown envelopes, less slippery, but I sucked it up and bought 10 plastic bobbins, which really aren't that expensive, and don't squash when transported. :)