SOLD - FSOT: 45" 8h/10t Leclerc Nilart Jack loom




For sale or trade - 45” Leclerc Nilart jack loom with 8 harnesses and 10 treadles (it was made with the option of being converted into a 12 harness but I do not think Leclerc sells that kit anymore). Cloth aprons in very nice shape. Light scratches over parts of the wood. Comes with well over 1,000 inserted eye heddles, 2 unmarked side feed shuttles, 2 sets of lease sticks, and eight 45” wide reeds

1 - 5 dent stainless steel

1 - 8 dent stainless steel

1 - 6 dent carbon steel

1 - 9 dent carbon steel

1 - 10 dent carbon steel

1 - 12 dent carbon steel on loom

1 - 12 dent stainless steel

1 - 15 dent carbon steel

​On all of the reeds that have paper wrapping the paper is tattered and missing in some places. One reed is stainless with plastic edging. Most of the non stainless reeds have light rust, again this does not appear to affect the reed quality.

Includes a nice walnut bench with side and under seat storage that was built for this particular loom.

The loom measures 55” wide, 58” deep open to its full depth, 35” folded (these two measurements are without the treadles), 49” tall at the castle, and the breast beam is 34 1/2” high.

From what I understand, the Nilus II was the upgrade for this loom. Priced new the Nilus II, with 8 reeds and a bench, would be over $5,000 ($3,975 for the loom, the reeds are $84 for the carbon steel, $117 for the stainless and a bench to fit this loom is just over $500).

I am asking $1,800 obo for the lot OR I would very much like to trade for a 30” - 36” 8 harness loom. I’ll consider any brand and style of 8h floor loom as long as it falls in that width range.

The loom is currently not warped/dressed so will be easy to dismantle. However, I may be putting a warp on within the next two weeks if it’s still here.

Loom is located near Hickory, NC, about an hour north of Charlotte. I’ll be glad to meet someone within about 100 miles.

I have more pictures.  Please msg me and I'll be glad to send them along.

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$1 800