Floor Loom, Schacht Standard Low Castle Floor Loom, 45 Inch Weaving Width


<p dir="ltr"><b id="docs-internal-guid-db2bba78-7fff-d559-94d0-0a6f1fb0f1e0">Schacht Standard Low Castle Floor Loom, 45 inch Weaving Width, 4 Shaft, 6 Treadles. Excellent condition comes with a free weaving bench with pull out drawer, several lease sticks, and one shuttle.&nbsp;I have absolutely loved my Schacht Standard Low Castle Floor Loom. It is in excellent working condition and a dream to weave on. I am only selling because it&#39;s a little too big for my living space, and I am looking to downsize to a smaller Schacht Floor Loom.&nbsp;</b></p><p><b id="docs-internal-guid-db2bba78-7fff-d559-94d0-0a6f1fb0f1e0">Free Local Pick-Up // Or I can hand deliver for an additional 100 USD to the ground floor of any location, anywhere in the Austin and San Antonio areas.&nbsp;</b></p><p><b id="docs-internal-guid-db2bba78-7fff-d559-94d0-0a6f1fb0f1e0">Specs: 4 Shaft, 6 Treadle, Weaving Width: 45&rdquo;, Overall Width: 53&rdquo;, Height-Low Caste: 37&rdquo;, Depth-Open: 38&rdquo;, Depth-Folded: 26&rdquo;</b></p>

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