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Help, I have a space running length of item and can't figure out the reason.

I've woven a shawl with 8/2 cotton warp and rayon chenille weft.  It looks great EXCEPT I see a space running the lengh of the item when I hold it up to the light.

I've checked the threading and it is correct.  It was woven in plain weave at 18 cpi and 12 ppi.   I used a 16 dent reed and sleyed 1,2,1,2 ..... (one brown then two diff. blue ENDS)

I can't figure out what has happened to cause this.  I really want to do a tie on for another shawl, but must figure out the reason first.

I have tossed it in the washer then dried on high heat with a wet towel till dry.  I've woven a lot with chenille and am happy with the finished item after wet finishing, just that space thing. I've tried rubbing it with my hands.  I just don't know.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Rigid heddles

do double heddles always thread the same way or does that change with different projects?

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Knot tying tool

I have a weaving friend with a hand tremor. Tying on a warp has gotten harder. Does anybody have a suggestion for a tool that would make knot tying easier?

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Weaving Music -- wordless singing with a steady beat!!!!

I just discovered the music of Jon Henrik Fjallgren -- a culturally Sami reindeer herder -- who sings with rhythm and without words -- great for setting up a weaving rhythm!  I also like Navajo flute music, but a lot of it lacks the motivating rhythm.... 

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wagon wheel rug video instructions.

hello all would very much like to learn this age old art. i am a very visual learning person. I have found many videos on what this is but no how to videos any help i can get in finding any videos on this would be of great help thanks all.

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My fiber arts blog


I'm mainly a weaver, but also spin cotton, wool and other fibers, knit, dye, wet felt, bead, and more.

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Countermarche Loom Class at Midwest Weavers

For those interested and attending [Midwest Weavers Conference][1] in Indianapolis June 12/17 - I will be giving two half day sessions dealing with working on countermarche looms. [FM124 - Understanding the Countermarche for Intermediate Weavers][2] - on Friday morning, June 16 SM231 - [Intro to Countermarche Looms][3] - on Saturday morning, June 17 The Intermediate session is for weavers with some countermarche experience and will expand to include various versions of countermarche looms, tieup settings and other helpful tips to get the best fabric from your loom. There will be a loom present to test some of the steps involved in a hands on manner. The Introductory session is for weavers with no experience on a countermarche or weavers considering purchasing a loom or weavers unsure if to purchase a countermarche loom. Sara von Tresckow [The Woolgatherers][4] Fond du Lac, WI 54935 [1]: http://www.midwestweavers.org/conference/index.asp [2]: http://www.midwestweavers.org/conference/classdescription.asp?ClassType=... [3]: http://www.midwestweavers.org/conference/classdescription.asp?ClassType=... [4]: http://www.woolgatherers.com/

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Half Satin Blocks

I'm a new member, and I'm hoping someone could help me with a project in which I'm considering using half satin blocks.  I had started wanting to use a satin weave structure, but since the design entails two blocks, and my loom is 8-harness (for satin, 2 blocks require 10 harnesses), I'm looking at half-satin as an option.  But I've never seen what it looks like and I'm completely unfamiliar with the weave.  Can anyone help?

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Getting to Know the Colonial

Denyse sold me her loom before Christmas, and my men finally got it into the house.  After several days of reassembling and general maintenance, I cut off the existing web (badly damaged in the move) and began to restring the remaining warp.  The reed is rusty, but I thought it would be equal to a "tutorial".  Finally, finally made it to the point of weaving only to discover that I had no real tension.  After many adjustments, I think I have it to the point that I can throw the shuttle and expect it to exit on the other end of the shed.  I am using an old yarn that my mother donated, so the entire project is a gift.

Hour by hour, I feel that I am getting to know this well loved LeClerc Colonial 45 inch 4-harness loom, CL-78-12



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8 shaft Harrisville loom problems

I recently acquired a used 8 shaft Harrisville loom. While cleaning/checking it, 2 rawhide attachments that hold the shafts broke. They all look dry and worn out. Question:
can I replace (all of them, of course) with texsolv? And, if so, can I just tie them on or is there another, preferable way to attach them? Any other ideas on a fix? I'm new this website and really need a group who can help mentor me...especially with loom problems! thanks...DJ