Advertise on Weavolution

Advertise on Weavolution is a unique, international, social networking website for Handweavers which launched in June 2009. We now have over 30,000 users. Viewers and Weavolution members draw inspiration from shared projects and drafts, then turn their minds to the yarns, drafts, looms, and other supplies that weavers; need, use, and want! 

 This is an ideal time to advertise on Weavolution. Our prices are below the industry standard for online advertising. Our 30,000+ members have posted over 5000 projects and drafts. Weavers do not have to be logged in to see content and Weavolution regularly generates 4,000 unique visitors per day.  Paid advertisers are able to start their own Groups on Weavolution to promote their businesses; post deals, new products, etc. Contact [email protected] to advertise your business with us.


AD Choices:  

Ad A displays on every page in the top left side of the page. All ads rotate randomly and are limited to 15 unique users. Cost is $70/month. 250 x 250 pixels

Ad B is located under Ad A and costs $55/month. 250 x 250 pixels

Ad C is the banner ad at the bottom of the page. The cost for Ad C is $40/month. 728 x 90 pixels

Ad D appears under the "Shop" tab on Weavolution. This is a business card ad that appears in a shared space and costs $25/month.    250  x 150 pixels

A, B, and C ads appear on every page, so you can reach 30,000 people everyday advertising on Weavolution.


Ads are available on every page throughout the website. Advertisers may choose either a quarterly, biannual or annual ad campaign. Statistics on the number of impressions and click-through rates will be gathered and emailed weekly to advertisers. Submission Dates for Ads must be submitted to the ad manager, [email protected] at least 14 (fourteen) days prior to the go-live date. The ad manager has the right to reject any ad deemed unacceptable.



Handwoven Magazine September/October 2009 in the “What’s Happening” section.

Claudia Segal appeared on the WEBS podcast #135.

In April 2009, Syne Mitchell profiled the website and interviewed the three Weavolution founders for a WeaveCast podcast that is currently available.

Handwoven magazine announced Weavolution in its “What’s New” section in the November/December 2008 issue. has ongoing articles about Weavolution.

Many blogs include our “Link to Us” Weavolution logo Promotion Since August 2008.

Weavolution has promoted the website actively both online and through distribution of flyers throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. Many Weavolution supporters have received “Join the Weavolution” T-shirts which they wear to guild meetings, local fiber festivals and goodness knows where else. Promotional efforts in Yahoo Groups and other online weaving resources are ongoing to encourage new users to “Join the Weavolution.”

We have a continued web presence on Facebook and Twitter to promote Weavolution and your business if you advertise with us. This presence adds value to your advertising dollar when you place an advertisement with us. Please contact [email protected] for more information or to place an ad.