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Erica Jones

Erica began weaving at 8 years old, though it was nearly 20 years until she had the space and time to weave regularly. She was a fairly early Weavolution member and was thrilled when she was asked if she would like to become part of the Weavolution Team. Erica and, her husband, Oliver bought Weavolution in 2011. Erica love twills and pushing the limits of her weaving ability with her Myrhead Drawloom attachment. Erica is a big fan of Glimakra looms, but keeps enough table looms around to be able to travel to the Cambridge Guild's Come and Weave days and to always have a loom close to hand! Erica is very active in the site building and mantenance of Weavolution.

Oliver Jones

Oliver is more of a woodworker than weaver, he has made several pieces of equipment for his wife's studio. Trained in the United States Air Force as a Calibration Technician, he spent 6 years serving. When he seperated from the AF he got a job in the UK at a contracted laboratory. Took up woodworking and metal working as hobbies after he met his wife Erica. When she gave birth to their son, he left the Lab to stay home and raise him. They run Weavolution together. Oliver primarily deal with advertising, Cyber Fiber Class, spam, and general questions about Weavolution.


Founding Team Members

Claudia Segal

Claudia Segal is a fiber lover, an animal lover, a mom, a social worker and one of the founders of Weavolution. She began her fiber journey as an 8-year-old learning to knit and crochet from a family friend. Claudia then learned to sew from her maternal grandfather who was a women’s tailor from 1917 until his death in 1981. Claudia grew up on Long Island, New York, and currently lives outside Washington, D.C.

Self-taught in most of the crafts she enjoys except her dearest passion, weaving, Claudia succumbed to weaving’s charms in 2005. After several beginner classes and buying a used 4-harness Baby Wolf, Claudia discovered there were many fabulous books about weaving and began reading voraciously. She owns several of her favorite titles and cherishes a copy of The Weaving Book, which author Helene Bress signed for her.

“Weaving combines most of my favorite things in life, graph paper (for drafts the old fashioned way), yarn, fabric and working with my hands,” Claudia told a friend recently. “Once I learned the basics of weaving, I felt like a colt being released into an open field.” She loves structure and texture, and has expanded her weaving experience to include a Navajo, a rigid heddle, an 8-harness floor loom and several peg looms.

Claudia’s impetus to create Weavolution was to have a website exclusively for handweavers where members could post drafts, pictures, details about their projects and to share ideas and struggles with each other.

“Weavolution is my dream come true, and sharing it with other weavers is the icing on the cake. I want people to enjoy the site, use it often and tell all their weaving friends about it,” Claudia said. “All these things satisfy my inner social worker, a profession I left behind in 2003 when medical issues forced me to retire from my work with foster and adopted children and their families.”

Claudia is responsible for the majority of administrative tasks on Weavolution. She oversees advertising, marketing, fundraising and all miscellaneous jobs.

She sends a special thanks to her friend and partner, David, for naming the website “Weavolution” and to Janet “for all the hours of listening to me, reading my written items and generally sharing all my life’s passions.”


Alison Giachetti

Alison took her first weaving class in 1980 as a result of having to change careers and getting dumped by her boyfriend in the same year. She knew instantly she had found her home. While she was largely inactive as a weaver for the next several years, she is now back at it. Alison also knits, spins, and makes bobbin lace. In her day job, she is a director with a large multinational accounting firm.

Depending on what she’s doing and where she is, Alison weaves on a variety of looms. Currently she has an AVL 24-harness 48" A series loom and a Schacht 8-harness Baby Wolf at home and is getting an AVL WDL 24/24 to take on the road.

Alison is a member of three Colorado weaving guilds and Complex Weavers. While she thinks in structure, she’s always amazed at what can be done with a rigid heddle loom.

Thank you!

In September 2008, we published a request on our Weavolution blog for help with the website. Several people stepped forward and have provided invaluable assistance with many aspects of Weavolution. Many thanks to the development team—Sharon, Marion, Dawn, Amelia, Diane, Cynthia and Tina. For assistance with marketing and advertising, thanks also go to Elizabeth, Marie, and Mel.

We want to thank the following businesses and individuals who made contributions to our auctions and our site:  Halcyon Yarn, Earth Guild, Paradise Fibers, Kris Bruland, Just Our Yarn, Sandra Rude, Ed and Joanne Hall of Glimakra, The Wheel Thing, Bonnie Tarses, Peggy Osterkamp, Alice Schlein, Andie Ludjik, Laura Fry, Fireside Fiberarts, Sue Helmken, Dalis Davidson, Marsha von Duerckheim, Lizou Fenyvesi, Carol Weymar and Penny Peters. We hope you’ll support them since they supported us.

We are particularly grateful to all our fellow weavers and friends who purchased items from our various auctions. You have helped fund the development of Weavolution, your best source for sharing information about handweaving. We hope you enjoy using it and hope you will help us build a worldwide gathering place for handweavers.